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Most of this information is taken from the Glastonbury Festival and National Express coaches leaflets. Once in the area, listen to Radio Avalon on 87.7FM for the latest travel information.

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The site is between Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury in Somerset, close to the A361. The nearest village is Pilton.

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Arranging A Ride

If you're travelling by car and have spare capacity you want to fill, or you want to find somebody who can offer you a lift, there are two online avenues for you to take. You might try posting a message to one of the newsgroups;,, or{any band playing} seem to have the most traffic on the subject of the festival. Or you can try Ade's message board which is solely for the purpose of arranging/offering rides to festivals.

Travelling By Car

The recommendation is don't. But of course lots of people will, so expect a great deal of congestion, particularly late on Thursday, all of Friday and, especially, Monday. Shepton Mallet is at the junction of two A roads, the A37 from Bristol/M4 to Yeovil, and the A39/A361 from junction 23 of the M5 across into Wiltshire, so it's easy to find.

Once you are in the area, there will be signs directing you to the nearest parking. You have already paid for this in your entrance fee, so if anybody asks you to pay it's not official parking. If you park illegally, your car will be towed away, and the police will charge you £140 for the privilege.

If any of your party have mobility disabilities, follow signs to the dedicated parking area, from which transport to the site is available.

The AA has a site with some information, or links to where you can get it.

Caravans and Campervans

If you want to take a caravan or campervan, there is a special signposted site. Entry requires a ticket costing £20, available when you buy a festival ticket.You can also get one by calling the Festival office on 01458 834596, or writing to Angie Watts, Worthy Farm, Pilton, BA4 4BY, including your payment, an SAE, and a photostat of your ticket.

Travelling By Rail

The nearest railway station is at Castle Cary, about 5 miles from the site as the crow flies. British Rail are laying on extra trains to the station, and there is a free shuttle service from the railway station to the Festival bus station for ticket holders.

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Travelling By Coach/Bus

National Express are running coaches from 34 locations around Britain to the Festival bus station. Depending on your starting point, services to Glastonbury are on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with return coaches on Sunday and Monday. Prices range from £9 from the West Country, to £68 from the Highlands of Scotland. Details are available from National Express on 0990 808080, or by contacting your local National Express agent.

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If you're travelling from Brighton, the Brighton Peace and Environment Centre are again running coaches to Glastonbury. As they run the property lock-ups, they can take vehicles into the festival, so they will also transport your luggage from the Festival coach station onto the site. Contact Duncan Blinkhorn on 01273 620125, call at the shop on Gardner Street in Brighton, or email them. They may also be able to make pick ups on the way, so it's worth calling if you're between Brighton and Glastonbury.

Return fare is £26 (£22 unwaged), compared to £34 with National Express via London. Coaches to Glastonbury are at 10am and 4pm on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th. Return journeys from Glastonbury are at 10am, 12 noon, and 4pm on Monday 30th.

Badgerline buses are running extra services from Bath and Bristol to the site, and there is also a shuttle service from Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet.

Badgerline Home Page Not much there of use, except a contact phone number.

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