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celtic bar

Location Worthy Farm, near Pilton, off the A361 between Shepton Mallet and Glastonbury
Date 27/28/29 June 1997
Site Opening 25th June at 9am
Cost £75 + booking fee of £2. This covers entry to the festival, car parking, camping, and the festival programme.
Information Line 0839 66 88 99, calls are charged at 49p per minute. There's now a leaner, meaner version. Presumably people were complaining about how long it lasted.
Children I'm told children under 14 years old don't need tickets. If you plan to take advantage of this, I would check with a more reliable source than me.
Ticket Availability

The final site capacity has been agreed at 90,000. This consists of about 70,000 tickets for sale, with the remaining 20,000 places going to performers, traders, and organisers.

Since the extra tickets were on sale for such a short period, some people missed them and think there may still be some to be released. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Here's the chronology.

  • March 17th - tickets go on sale
  • April 6th - phone line closed
  • April 10th - orders by post stopped
  • April 14th - 10,000 extra tickets agreed
  • April 18th - extra tickets go on sale by post
  • April 21st - orders by post stopped again

It's my understanding that the 10,000 extra tickets would be used to fulfill outstanding postal applications, and then any new applications which were received after the 18th. So if you applied before April 10th and still haven't received your tickets, you'll probably still get them. It just takes a while to clear the cheques and process the tickets. If you applied later than the 10th, it's the luck of the draw.

Getting A Ticket
By Phone June 18th : The credit card ticket line on 01179 767 868 has apparently re-opened. Worth giving them a ring if you're still looking for a ticket.
By Post Postal applications are no longer being accepted.
Other Sources

It's unlikely that any of the booking agencies will have any tickets left.

If somebody in the pub offers you a ticket, check for these features: there is a holographic goose with "OK" in an ellipse surrounded top and bottom by "VALID", "SECURITY DOCUMENT" and a Greek warrior are visible below; under the ticket number, there is a violent orange pattern which is slightly raised; there is a "beige filter" running through the paper, which can be seen where the ticket has been torn from the book.

Ticket Problems If you've bought a ticket by post or through the ticket line, and it's not turned up after at least 21 days, you can call 01179 884808 to check if there is a problem. Note that this isn't an alternative ticket line, and you should only use it after waiting for a reasonable time.
On Site Amenities Food and drink stalls, bars, a bank, shops, cybercafé, children's area, welfare and medical facilities, 24 hour property lockups, meeting and information points; basically all you need to bring are a tent, clothes and a cheque book.

celtic bar

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