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News Of This Year's Festival
Glastonbury 1997 Yet another Glastonbury web page.
NME Put "Glastonbury" in the search box and see what the latest news is. At the moment, they've also got the online equivalent of their Glastonbury Guide. There's a site map, a "humourous" A-Z of the festival, and an interview with Michael Eavis.
Radio 1 Strong possibility of some Glastonbury features as the day approaches, since they're devoting a substantial part of the weekend to it.
Meteorological Office Somebody who wanted to know what the forecast was for the festival (sunny, obviously) asked for a link to a good weather site. The Met Office has the weather forecast for 3 days ahead, plus links to other weather sites.
Glastonbury Festival Site This is part of the Glastonbury town web site. There's a message from M. Eavis, but the information is mainly from the festival leaflet. This is definitely not an official site, but I've been told to "look out for something post fest and for next time" by one of the organisers.
The Festivalzone : Glastonbury A Dutch site with information on lots of festivals. Good starting point.
Telegraph Magazine feature Interesting article about Michael Eavis and the festival.
Glastonbury 97 Jo Miller's Glastonbury home page, including some good photos.
Virtual Glastonbury Currently just a front page image. This might mean they're updating it for this year. (Visit Glastonbury Festival without leaving the comfort of your own home).
Virtual Glastonbury Feature from Cyberia magazine about the Virtual Glastonbury site.
Poncroft Posse If you'd like to meet the 'posse', this shows you where to find them. Includes a map of the festival (pinched from Neil Cook's site).

Previous Festivals
Guardian - 1st article- 2nd article Stories from The Guardian newspaper about the 1996 event being cancelled.
Glastonbury 1995 Neil Cook's site. He's not doing a 1997 one as he's moved to America.
Glastonbury 1995 pics Some good photos, mostly Glastonbury, mostly 1995.
System7 - Glastonbury 1995 Includes photos from the dance tent.
Addicted To Noise Review of the 1995 festival, including sound clips of Oasis.
Mixmaster Morris One DJ's experiences at the 1995 festival. He's appearing this year as well.
RainbowNet 1995 1995's cybercafe and Green Futures area at the festival.
Hype goes to Glasto.. Feature about RainbowNet at the 1995 Festival.
Glastonbury Photos Taken in 1989 and 1993.
Amiga Format Amiga Format magazine were asked to clean up video footage of the 1971 festival. Also has some interesting early history of the festival.
Glastonbury 1970 Photo of Al Stewart on stage at the original Pilton Festival, plus some information about the event.

Glastonbury The Movie
Glastonbury The Movie Publicity blurb for the film of the 1995 festival.
Glastonbury The Movie Home page for the film, doesn't seem to have ever been finished.
Glastonbury The Movie Page from Flanders Film Festival site.

Guide to Glastonbury Guide to the town from which the festival takes it's name.
Isle Of Avalon A site about Glastonbury, the place. It no longer appears to have any information about the festival, but is fun anyway.
Staying out for the summer... Enjoy this page, then click on "index" at the bottom to get into Kevin Shewan's guide to festivals, heavily weighted towards Glastonbury.
Festival Summer '97 "Dalarock 1997 is extremely cancelled." Guide to European festivals.
Philm Freax Digital Archive Counterculture photo archive. Unfortunately the early Glastonbury pictures aren't currently available.
Aberdeen GigSoc Links to music and festival pages.

If any of these links don't work, or you have suggestions for others, please mail me.

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