Glastonbury 1995 CD and video

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There are two documents of the 1995 festival about to be released in time to whet your appetite for this year.

The first is a CD of performances from the Avalon Stage, recorded by the LPD Digital Mobile, the only live CD of the 25th anniversary festival. This should be available sometime in May, and will feature tracks from Banco De Gaia, Dr Didg, Iona, La Cucina, Wolfstone, Rock Salt And Nails, Deep Blues Band, Raka, Vitamin X, Edward II, and many more. A portion of the profits will be donated to Greenpeace. LPD are back at the festival this year, recording artists on the Jazz & World stage.

The 1995 festival was also filmed by PVP Multimedia together with a host of independent filmmakers, with the intention of releasing a record of the event entitled The Fields Of Avalon. Unfortunately, it was never completed due to lack of funds. Recently however, the makers have been offered the facilities to complete the programme, so it looks like it will be released.

The aim is to present an accurate picture of the festival as a whole, not just the music side of it. There is film from the Green Fields, Sacred Space, Healing Fields, Green Crafts, and Theatre areas; interviews with performers and festival goers; and footage from the Avalon stage, shot using 5 cameras with a sound feed from LPD Digital. Acts on film include The Dharmas, Rock Salt And Nails, Edward II, Show Of Hands, Steeleye Span, Zambula, Dr Didg, Baka Beyond, and FOS Brothers.

More details on both these when I have them, plus maybe some clips from the video.

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