Jeff Buckley

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Jeff Buckley, who played at the 1995 festival, was found drowned in Memphis Harbour on Wednesday afternoon, June 4th. He went missing during a late night swim in a Memphis marina on the previous Thursday. He had been in Memphis since late February preparing to record his second album.

For those not familiar with his music, it was distinguished by the intensity of both the lyrics and the vocals. It's difficult to categorize his songs; anybody who could cover songs by Leonard Cohen ('Hallelujah') and MC5 ('Kick Out The Jams') during the course of one show, and do justice to both, obviously touched a lot of musical bases. All I can say is buy his 1994 album 'Grace' and find out for yourself.

Condolences to his family, and sympathies to his fans who, like myself, have only his one studio album and memories of some magical concerts to remember him by.

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