Glastonbury Disabled Access

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The Glastonbury Festival site is a large, hilly dairy farm, with rough tracks and the distinct possibility of slippery mud. However this needn't prevent people with mobility disabilities from attending. There is a reserved parking area, transport from there to the site, a dedicated camping area, and disabled toilets. Here's the information provided to me by Andy Faulkner.

"You'll be pleased to know there are no major problems to encounter. I am 100% dependent on my wheelchair for my mobility and I went to the 1995 festival. I found that getting around the site was OK, and also getting to places like the middle of the main spectator field didn't present any problems. Obviously it is not wise to try to cross the spectator areas while there are bands playing onstage, but inbetween sets it is easy to weave your way through the people."

"I found that I could get to all areas independently, but this of course depends on how well you are able to push. The ramps to the loos were quite steep but I always managed to get in on my own. Once inside there is loads of space and even a wash basin (but no water!)"

"The information below was given to me directly by the organisers and is 100% accurate at the time of writing. I am sure you will enjoy the festival, it's a tremendously friendly event and fine for wheelchair users (unless it rains of course, but then it's messy for everybody!)."

"The site should be approached from Entrance Gate 1. There is reserved parking for disabled, tell the marshalls where you need to go. It may be best to show your 'Orange Badge' or some other proof of eligibility. There is an adapted bus that will take you from the reserved parking area to the camping area reserved for the disabled. The camping area is situated west of the Main Stage field and is going to be more rigorously stewarded this year."

"Toilets for the disabled are situated in the camping area, in the Greenfield area, and also in the backstage area. You do not require a special pass of any kind, but I would recommend you carry some sort of document qualifying yourself if your disability is not obvious. This could make life easier for yourself and the stewards."

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