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Being a list of umr people's web pages, ordered using a complex algorithm involving quality of pages, ontopicness re umr, which is a debate in itself, frequency of posting, phases of the moon, and a weighting factor derived from the logarithms of last night's lottery numbers. In other words, pretty random.

2011 update: After the hosting account that drbob.co.uk lives on was hacked, I had to check through all the pages to make sure they didn't hold anything malicious (hence why most of the site is still missing). So I've been fixing some of the decade of brokenness while I was here, especially as all this Facebook inspired nostalgia has meant some people have actually been looking at this page. I've repointed quite a few links, either to new sites or new homes for the old site; deleted a couple, usually only where someone had more than one link; and put an * in front of dead ones I'll look at later, this being a work in progress. The order algorithm is now heavily weighted towards still existing.

Simon Patten Maintainer of the FAQ & SW England representative umr FAQ What is this obsession with bananas?
bristol ravers' directory Guide to rave events in and around Bristol.
Johan Carlstedt access all areas Listings, photos, and a generally very useful resource based around the London party scene.
Mike Slocombe International TV star and Cardiff City fan urban75 UK underground eco-rave-protest-drugs-e-zine.
Ruth Brecher Ooh, OK just another half then... snapshots Photos from trance events and parties over the last few years, featuring a number of umr regulars.
Dale Walker Lives to dance london techno events Essential guide to trance and techno events in London.
4:D) Ford Blue, loud, turbo-driven pendragon Information, including flyers, for Pendragon, invokers of spirits, Celtic or otherwise. Quite often more up-to-date than the official site since Ford produces the flyers.
Susan Humphrey Luna Decor Undertow may be in permanent storage but the decor is still being put to good use.
Felix Velarde halluçineer   «
»   technöhippy
surreality beckons weird wild web hallucineering.
head-space Experiments in web design and much more. The crop circles site is a particular delight.
bart ... defiantly lower case, as ever ... barticle deejay info and gig listings, all in state-of-the art asciiweb.
Chris Heathcote Old before his time ;) anti-mega 2011 random blog.
undergroundlondon Chris' back-in-the-day site which hosted Bunny Goes Raving, fortunately archived for posterity elsewhere.
Rupert Voelcker DJ Rupes, Submaniac resident rupes' pad Including DJ dates and photos from Acubanisms and Submaniacs past.
Matt Wilson One of the u.m.r. DJs and promoters submaniac Technically this is Rupert's site, but Matt and Ben's submaniac was one of the best things to come out of the u.m.r. universe (imho) so deserves to be here. Why submaniac? It's an anagram of acubanism, thanks for asking.
Ian Betts Yet another excellent DJ Ian on Soundcloud From u.m.r. regular to Sleepless resident and, 10 years later, still topping the bill. You can tell he's serious about it 'cos he doesn't have a website, just Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter.
*Ting* 'Aving it, 'aving it, 'aving it LAAARGE poleshift Poleshift is the shadowy organisation behind Tranceformation [ "legendary" - Cybernaut ] which happened in a big way in June. Look out for more.
Barclay The Sparclay one dark angel Information on Barclay's DJing exploits (you'll find him playing psy-trance and acid techno in and around Reading and London) plus his own promotion, Inna?State.
Alien Jim CERN - The Message Jim seems to have dropped off the 'net so instead here's an awesome trance anthem he made.
Steve H. aka Alien Observer dooza promotions Magic - a trance night in High Wycombe, sound and lights for hire, and other alien observations.
Dave Brown aka Browns - Rulp! home page Which redirects to Facebook now.
Overscan aka Michael and Paul overscan Overscan are responsible for the incredible computer-generated projections you'll see if you go to Trancentral (and maybe Submaniac and Tsunami). The legendary penguins, Fishocalypse Now, interplanetary pineapples, marching pink dragons - and the real thing is weirder than that sounds. :)
Chris Coward One of the East Anglian Massive dr. f's cambridge ... ... dance music stuff
John M Trade devotee and football fan The Jolly Traveller Lots of travel writing, less about football (RIP) or Trade (RIP).
Nick Leverton virtual desktop Of the serendipitous variety. Every home should have one.
Kashka aka Kashka home page Quite literally, not what it used to be. But still Kashka.
DJ Blim junkchun ten The Junkchun Ten sound system.
Ben Evans Nice Kitty - and frighteningly clever purrsonal home page Music and personal stuff.
Pete Bentley Monk of the scary devil variety home page Nothing but a sad haiku now.
Mike Day mmmtigger michael jg day Photos.
Bassdove An occasional visitor bassdove Extremely useful events listings site.
Mobeus mobeus Music in streamed MP3 format.
Bernie ... who really should come out to play more often 303.co.uk Not much there except a cute Javascript window shake. :)
Pete Phillips alien His own music, plus links.
Pablo Contreras ezrider Dance events page, plus other related and unrelated stuff.
Daniel Barlow home page Bone dry techie humour and lots of useful info if you want to learn to program in Common Lisp or update your Linux box from a.out to ELF.
Gregory R. Block Anglophile American - living in Germany - go figure lightyear I Cryptic single page on head-space.
Ben Robinson Chunder munter * it's your blood Do you know what's it's like to come off your bike at 60mph, resulting in twenty hours of operations and three months in hospital? Ben does.
EvilMarkII aka Mark Cybernaut * cybernaut They played a blinding set at Tranceformation and are now having to take a bit of a rest (apart from an eclipse holiday at Sunshadow). Making way for ...
* d.e.d. ... D.E.D, the new project of two of the members of Cybernaut. A mix of trance, techno and old skool? I think you might find Bart somewhere in the audience. ;)
John Upstone Philosopher-munter on wheels * thames valley events Listing of trance/techno/house/d'n'b events of note, mainly in the Reading and Oxford area.
Marcus Roberts Looks clean-cut - looks often deceive * home page Including photos from the Glastonbury and Beach festivals last year, and information on Marcus' DJing exploits.
Nathan Messer Have tent, will travel * happy triangle Another little corner of cyberspace (cf. John M.), including the Manchester techno guide and Glastonbury 1998 photos. The Glastonbury photos have excellent 'before' and 'after' shots of the campsite. And yes, that is me looking very grumpy in the tent.
Steve aka acidtekno * club nation "The definitive club culture guide" - and who am I to argue. :)
Chris C DJ & artiste * mom & mohawk Info on the MOM (or is it Aztec?) and Mohawk record labels and Chris' DJing.
Hedgehog aka hedgie * dj hedgehog Another DJ page - this time the unusual combination is psy-trance and hoovers. :)
Matt Brown A big blank :) * otherworld Formerly a site devoted to the sadly missed Otherworld psy-trance night, now carries events listings & pictures with reviews to come.
Mike Cavanagh Corners of whose bag I'm sure even he hasn't explored * purple page Under construction, but with links to his * old site.
Clovis * goat boy's page of sin Excellent computer art, perfect for flyers, with RealAudio accompaniment. But they tell a story too, a muntquest possibly.
Greg Massie First munter on Mars (tbc) * techniflow force 12 Music to download and a few photos - fortunately no embarassing ones of me this time.
Tristan White Marriage, mortgage - what next? :) * techno DJ charts Vote for your favourite non-commercial techno DJs in an ongoing poll.
Andy Pearmund Entrepreneur * umr badges Fluoro bananas in a variety of colours and sizes for sale. He's also got some photos from the April Submaniac vs Tsunami hosted on his site.
Pirans * ewaves Concerts, festival and rave information, plus links to useful sites for visitors to London. Splahs page still exists but underlying domain is dead
John Graham Techno Grandad * plur Undergoing reconstruction after a move. The site that is. :)
Orange Peel aka Niall - one of the Restless Natives * orange peel DJ dates, favourite tunes, reviews & pictures, Tsunami & Trancentral.
Louis Minson da Alien alien doobbery
More Star Wars 'pants' parodies than you can probably stand in one sitting - unless you're a member of Cybernaut.
Paul Underhill * clubbed Global club listings, news, and club culture. I think that last bit is a reference to the stuff you have to clean off your boots after a night at some of the more 'underground' venues.
Nick One of the Curious Yellow posse * curious yellow Music, raves, books, & the mysterious Cardinal, living proof that 12th century religious leaders don't understand email. The very fluffy review of Samsara and the very funny tales of Glastonbury 97, Glastonbury 98 and The Beach are all recommended.
Martyn Amos Soon to be published * home page He also maintains a work site for the Complexity Theory and Algorithms Group, of which he is a member.
Smiley * smile Clubbing reviews and links.
Pwl ... ... pronounced Poowulh * hall of broken mirrors Poetry and whimsy from the enigmatic pwl. You may also find some photos from the Blacksheep NYE 98/99 party here.
Chris Williams * homepage Including some of his own music to download.
Mike Tooke * sanctuary
Club information, reviews and recommendations.
Nick Frewin Beardo? *home page Including * Portable Deluxe, a club night in St. Albans.
Tall Paul Really very tall -but not that Tall Paul * internet encounter Including pictures to back up the name.
Dave Williams Singlehandedly runs Demon, leaving little time to post * home page Bio, friends, etc.
Si Mad redhead * uk raves Happy hardcore events, news and links.
Mike Atkinson Dumb-assed piece of cheap trash - his description, not mine * virtues and vices Music & clubs, geeks & boybabes.
TnT Which stands for Trevor(not Trevor) * goat Art, obscenity, inappropriate behaviour. The usual stuff.
... and finally
Phil Mr Tigger noodlebox You're on my site, so somewhere else instead. My favourite Shockwave diversion. Requires Shockwave, natch. (2011 edit: originally on amaze.co.uk, of whom Felix is now a subsidiary - funny old world)
Tigger Mrs Tigger cybertigger Art, photos, rants, [tiggers].
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