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... a few self-contained sites ...
A site dedicated to the newsgroup uk.music.rave. In truth there's only really a pretty front page, a poorly-maintained set of resource links, and a directory of regular posters and their web pages.
 Glastonbury 1997
The first serious website I produced, done mostly because there wasn't a site about one of the world's best music festivals. I was shocked by the number of visitors it received ...
 Glastonbury 1998
... so I did it again the next year, until Neil Greenway started his site (www.glastonbury-festival.co.uk) which was much better. Until earlier this year, Neil's was the 'sort-of' official site but now Glastonbury Festival has its own official site! Neil's is much better.
Brix is a club for small, primary-coloured people and this is the club website. The site was developed by myself and Theo (and is hosted on her domain cybertigger.org) although the club itself is put together - literally - by a number of people.
 cybertigger portfolio
As well as forming a partnership for life, my wife and I are also a website design partnership under the name cybertigger. The portfolio site showcases some of the websites we've designed in both personal and professional capacities. There are also design and art works, mostly from Theo.